Our email address is info@nataliafedner.com

1. What are you shipping policies?

We ship using a variety of carriers including  FedEx, USPS, DHL, and UPS. We do ship internationally. You will receive a tracking number via email where you can follow your package’s progress.

2. What is the handling time?

Handling time is 1-3 days. For custom orders, it generally takes 1-2 weeks.

3. What is your returns policy?

We offer 30 days to return or exchange the item you received (or to have us adjust it to fit differently). We can also offer store credit if returned within 30 days. Store credit is valid for one year. For custom pieces, exchange/store credit is at our discretion and will depend on the style.  Please click here to read our complete Returns policy.

4. Do you ship internationally and what are your international shipping policies?

We currently ship internationally to all countries with FedEx service. If you do not see your country, please e-mail us, and we will work with you to get you your desired design to you wherever you are in the world. The cost of international shipping does not include any tariffs or customs your country might impose. We use FedEx for international shipments. We can also ship with DHL. If you are an international customer and need your shipment faster – please email us and we can find a shipping option that is priority or express.

5. Where is everything made? 

We make everything right here in Los Angeles, California. We use the highest quality materials sourced from various countries including USA, Japan, Italy, and Spain. Our artisans are trained designers.

6. I saw a design I liked on your website/instagram, but it’s not in the online store, where can I get it?

Please email us a link to the design you are interested in procuring. Most of the time we can make you a variation of the design. However, some designs are one-offs, meaning we will never make a second one. Other designs are not available online, but may be found in one of the luxury boutiques.

7. What makes Natalia Fedner sustainable?

Please scroll to the bottom of this page for our Sustainability Policy.

8. I’d like to try the designs on first, do you sell at retail locations?

While we sell "Natalia Fedner" at various retail locations, at this moment Natasha by Natalia Fedner is only available on our website. 

9. I am a boutique owner / stylist and would like to sell your designs. I am interested in wholesale prices. What are the steps?

In order for us to provide you with our wholesale prices, please email us your business name, location, phone number, and reseller number. If you are interested in specific styles, please include links or images so that we can answer you questions in the most efficient manner possible.

10. I’m a stylist/photographer and would like to pull your designs for a shoot. What are the steps?

Please email us information about your project (i.e. magazine, celebrity name, etc). We are located in Los Angeles, but we do allow some pulls to other cities if a notable celebrity or magazine/event is involved. We can discuss shipping options once you email us.

11. Is there anything boring and legal I should read? 

Sure, visit our Terms of Service page.


We implement the three Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle :

Reduce: we don’t throw away any of the metal we work with. Every scrap gets repurposed. We buy the exact amount we need – small batches at a time, so there isn’t any waste or surplus. 

Reuse: When a silk garment sustains damage (like a stain) we dye it to make it new again. If any metal garment sustains damage, we either re-plate it, strip it to its raw brass color, or embroider it. There was actually a repurposed dress on our Swim Week runway (the embroidered one). No garment ever gets thrown away: we find a way to make it new again! 

Recycle- more like Upcycle for us! We buy dead stock fabrics from other designers (dead stock means it’s leftover at the end of their season and they don’t need it anymore). By buying it from them, we prevent it from going into a landfill and we also don’t have to hire a factory to make new fabric (which takes energy and has a negative environmental toll). We also honor our vegan values – by not adding to the toll on animals new fabrics often have. We even use this upcycled fabric to make our fabric hangtags and business cards – reducing the need for new paper products.   

Natalia often uses leftover chain scraps for her own resin sculpture projects – insuring another life for the tiniest pieces of metal. 

Additionally – We use ‘clean’ cleaning products made of vinegar and water- to clean our metal garments. And non toxic dyes to dye our silks.

While we are not 100% carbon neutral (we have to use traditional shipping services which use fuel etc), we do try our very best to be sustainable in every way possible, especially in the atelier!  We are always striving to be better.