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Natasha by Natalia Fedner

Angel Eye Amulet Bracelet - Rose Gold

Angel Eye Amulet Bracelet - Rose Gold

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Introducing Natasha by Natalia Fedner. High end, quality pieces made by hand by artisans in California. 

14K Rose Gold Fill Italian Chain Bracelet with an Angel Eye Cubic Zirconia charm to ward away the Evil Eye (jealousy and people's bad thoughts). Wear this bracelet daily for good vibes. 

Pro Tip: Gold Fill is way better than Gold Plated. Why? Plating doesn't last, it's a super thin coat - think of it like cheap nail polish. It's going to flake or wear off very quickly. Whereas Gold Fill is a solid layer, like a fancy gel manicure. Gold plating only lasts a couple of weeks, but 14K Gold Fill can last a lifetime. Go ahead- wear it all day long - even in the shower! 

Looking for a silver version? Check this one out. 

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